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The website was established in 2016. The website comprises of various topics related to aerospace and defense issues, geopolitics, analysis, with a wide variety of primary materials. Since then, the number of has significantly increased. Today, the website ranks 68th in Alexa’s ranking in Greece (and is constantly growing). covers a wide range of topics, with an emphasis on defense, having succeeded in attracting a very important and demanding group of readers. Through our website, we offer high quality content, which is the main reason that we won the trust of our readers. Due to our dynamic online presence, as well as our remarkable influence on social networks, has become a point of reference in terms of defense, security, foreign policy, space, technology, science and current affairs, with ever-increasing readability.

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*, established in 2016, is this only site in Greece dedicated on naval matters with a special interest in developments in Mediterranean/NATO navies, covering technology, weaponry, intelligence, procurements, fleet structure and relevant policies. The site belongs to the Ptisi (Flight) Media Group which includes PTISI magazine, published since 1979 with the largest circulation in Greece, and, the leading defense site in the country.

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* Actualidad Maritima y Portaria


Oferta diaria de empleos en los sectores marítimo-portuario y logístico

Noticias, Buques, Empresas, Puertos, Aduanas, Eventos …

Daily Offer of jobs into the maritime, port and logistics sectors

News, Vessels, Companies, Ports, Customs, Events …


Envíenos sus ofertas de trabajo y las publicaremos completamente GRATIS en un medio profesional y especializado

Send to us your job offers and will be published totally FREE in a professional and specialized media

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ACTUALIDAD MP LOGO 800X500 - 001.png

* Defence Industry Europe


Defence Industry Europe reports about purchasing armaments and military equipment, new defence technologies, the development of the defence business and the companies operating in that industry. We also report on political events – at both European and national levels – with relevance to the defence sector.

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CYPSEC 2023, Cyprus Defence & Homeland Security Conference, Cyprus-EastMed, Defence Industry Europe, Zomidea

* is the first Greek defense portal, dedicated to giving the very best of defense news.
Founded in 2017 by NGC S.A. in cooperation with journalists and developers, has come a long way from its beginnings, so that it offers competitive differentiator on defense matters.
We deliver news and breaking analysis, on the topics and trends that are defining the  defense and security.
We publish daily news through feed technology from the most popular Greek defense sites, reassessing the feeds and publications regularly to keep standards high.
In addition to the news feeds, we provide links to every domain of defense interest and we are also a high-level, highly visible opinion destination. Our staff provides analysis of the hottest news events of the day and in-depth stories shining a critical light on the world’s defense and security landscape.

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EPICOS is the leading Global B2B (Business-to-Business) information platform for the Aerospace, Defence and High Technology (ADHT) Industries, and the only global offset and industrial cooperation consultancy and service provider. EPICOS offers Intelligence, Solutions and Support Services on Industrial Cooperation and Offsets world-wide.

Since its establishment in 2000, has been a reliable source of business intelligence for the A&D (Aerospace & Defence) Industry, with a growing access to international markets and customers. Currently, EPICOS is recognized by the majority of A&D companies, as well as other high technology organizations, as a reliable source of information on developments in the A&D market, but also as a competent authority with access to invaluable information on the global A&D industry and its capabilities, national Offsets and Industrial Cooperation regulations/frameworks world-wide, as well as highly customised databases of industry, procurement opportunities and industrial cooperation/offset projects developed over the years.

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 CYPSEC 2021, Cyprus Defence & Homeland Security Conference, Cyprus-EastMed, Epicos

* Aviation & Defence Universe


Aviation & Defence Universe is a specialist news and information website. It covers the armed forces, homeland security, aerospace &  defence industry, civil aviation and international relations.
ADU is knowledge and media partners to various conferences and seminars organized in and out of India, dealing with aviation, defence, homeland security, industry, research & development and civil aviation. Blitzkrieg coverage of air-shows, land & naval-shows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops in both India and abroad, is its aim. Special sections on special days, about specific armament, equipment, technologies, institutions, organizations, armed forces and related subjects, will always be its endeavor. And of course regular coverage in all formats, be it interviews, features, reports, by-lined articles and editorials both signed and unsigned, is our pursuit.
Adhering to our catch line - We just report facts, we don’t change them- ADU has always aimed at journalism at its ethical best. For a global reach we have our Bureaus headed by Bureau chiefs in US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. These offices keep us updated for the news emanating from their regions.

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CYPSEC 2021, Cyprus Defence & Homeland Security Conference, Cyprus-EastMed, Aviation & Defence Universe



"" is a web-site specializing in Hellenic and International defence and security developments at the news and the analytical level. It also covers foreign policy, international relations and energy developments for its audience. An English "DP" ( is being developed, while "" is specializing in general history. These web-sites belong to AEGIS Publishing based in Athens, Greece.

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CYPSEC 2021, Cyprus Defence & Homeland Security Conference, Cyprus-EastMed,
CYPSEC 2021, Cyprus Defence & Homeland Security Conference, Cyprus-EastMed, HSRC, Homeland Security Research

* Homeland Security Research -HSRC


HSRC is a Market Research company with a focus on Homeland Security, Public Safety and Defense Markets

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DEFENCE ReDEFiNED is the first Cypriot Portal with news on Defence, Security and International Relations both in Greek and English languages.

Our dynamic team of reporters, marketers and experts in various fields aims in presenting quality content with reliability and creativity.

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CYPSEC 2021, Cyprus Defence & Homeland Security Conference, Cyprus-EastMed, DEFENCE ReDEFiNED
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